Andis is a 4th generation family owned company born in 1922. They are the leader in clippers and trimmers for beauty & barber and animal industry. In 2019 they released one of the best clippers for barbers—The Master Cordless Clipper. 

The Master Cordless is a very special tools that barbers all over the world were waiting for, a complete game changer. Barber educators are the superstars in the industry. We created a campaign around them not just to feature the prodect but also wanted to boost their recognzability. Other barbers aspire to reach the level and recognition of Educators. They are extremely hard working individuals with their own styles and beginings. Our campaign features taglines like RISE, ARRIVE, SOAR & master your craft and Master Your Desity. We wanted to create an inspirational campaign that everyone can level up. We created teaser ads follwed by reveal ads of the product and tagline. Lunched the ads on social media and also in print in various international and US publications.

The Master Cordless clipper is now in huge demand with a need for more production.

Photo Art Direction
Campaign Art Direction
Packaging Concept

New packaging concept for the Master Cordless that features the educators to make the packaging more personal. The packaging is very clean and modern. The features are on the sides and the back with special reveal opening.