Work closely and honestly with our clients. Don’t just redesign your current stuff and make them pretty. Know your organization, find out your core values, discover your products or services helps design a more effective visual communication. Spy on your competition. Educate yourself about your industry, finding out how you can be different and be better for your clients.

The small but powerful studio is led by Gregory Zychowicz—creative director and designer—surrounded by talented freelance designers, photographers and copy writers partner with on a regular basis which allows to scale up or down depending on your project’s unique needs.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:
Has your business expanded or changed?
Do you have new competition?
Are you speaking to a new audience?
Have your brand’s values or mission changed?
Is your logo dated?
Are your marketing and sales materials not communicating properly?


Branding is not just the logo. It is your story. It is your core values, perception to your customers and it is your identity how the world will see you and what you stand for. It is an emotional connection your clients will gather from all your visual pieces.

Brand Identity & Research
Naming & Slogans
Brand Guidelines
Logo Design
Business Cards

Your products or services are a superb quality. But does your identity, catalogs and marketing pieces reflect that? Are you blending too much with the competition? Maybe it’s time for a change or an update? We are full service design studio ready to make your visual pieces be more clear to your customers.

Catalogs & Brochures
Posters & Postcards
Book Design & Annual Reports
Wayfinding Systems
Sales Materials
Show Booth Graphics

Packaging tells a story of your product, brand, your business and its core values. Communication on your packaging is everything when you are not there to speak for it in person. We will help to make your products be more visible and tell your story.

Industry Research
Packaging Design
Label Design
Product Consultation

The right mood, light and emotion is essential when creating a vibe you are going for in your campaign or showing off your product. Our photographers have experience to bring out the best what you are trying to capture.

Photo Art Direction
Commercial Photography
Product Photography
Advertising Campaign
Image Retouching


Brand Research & Strategy

We discover you and your customers. We ask a lot of question to help position your brand and your product better. We find what works and recommend new solutions to help you grow. This is very crucial in the development of your brand and its position in your industry. Creating a solid foundation leads to strong communication.


We are with you all the way. From the beginning concepts of your story, logo creation, packaging, marketing communications and overall brand feel. Importantly, we want you to be engage with what we present. We will find solutions to make you and your customers feel.

Design Communications

Your brand never sleeps. We make sure that we are consistent in representing you in your product description, images, catalogs, packaging, ads, website, stationery and all marketing pieces. We are ruthless and discipline that everything is united and under one banner.

Personal philosophy

Love what you do, work hard and smart, talk to everyone, share stories, tell weird jokes and don’t settle for ordinary beverages.