IntimMedicine Specialists is a special place. Comprising a compassionate, expert team, uniquely capable of helping men, women and couples move past their sexual health problems using an integrative bio / psycho / social approach. Whether beginning a sexual life or suffering from aging, they deliver next generation care combining the traditional and a “hands-on” knowledge of the new.

This was very much a team effort. What could be a symbol to reignite someones drive but also keeps it going. Fire, a flame, a candle was created to represent what IntimMedicine stands for along with rich purple color. We also create a logo for Masturbation Diet which is a special journal about interaction with women’s sexual health and their diet. Apple with its seeds and how the shape of the inside of the apple looks was a wow moment.


Logo development
Photography art direction

With the goal of combining art and science and appealing to both men and women, Gregory. created a logo for IntimMedicine Specialists that captures the essence of this specialty medical practice in the forward thinking and inclusive manner that is relevant to the field of sexual medicine. Greg’s guidance and patience with the development process was extraordinary. I highly recommend Greg for his creativity and ability to think outside the box.

— Barbara, general manager

In addition we created 2 more logos as sub-brands for Intimmedicine Specialists. First, a Masturbation Diet logo, which is a journal dedicated to a connection between sex and food. Second, its a Below The Beltway, a sexual medicine newsletter for the Washington D.C. area.