With over 9 years experience in the fashion and beauty industry, Marta Traskevych has taken her knowledge of being in front of the camera to behind the scenes. Having worked with some of the best photographers, videographers, stylists and other creative team members who have collaborated to bring her visions to life.

Marta’s work speak for itself. It carries a lot of emotion, style and sophistication. Wanted to reflect that in her branding and created a special signature for her along with a portfolio box to reflect a mystery as well.

Marta Traskevych


Logo development
Portfolio box

Gregor captured the essenence of my work as well as my personality beautifully in the design; simple yet sophisticated, alluring and vibrant. Gregory really took the time to understand the feel I was trying to project, without me giving him any direction. Gregory truly knows how to integrate a feeling or a mood with outstanding design.

— Marta Traskevych, photographer